How to remove wasps from the house?

If a couple of wasps have taken up residence inside your home or attic, you can use an insect sprayer to get rid of them for good. Spray the area with a mixture of one part hot water and one part rubbing alcohol on those areas where they may be nesting before they hatch and fly away in search of a new place to hatch their young ones! For major cases, you must call our experts.

Why is a professional pest exterminator the best to remove wasps?

The best way to get rid of wasps is to call an expert. They use professional methods that are safe and effective and will do the job right. There are many different types of wasps, so sometimes it’s better to call in an expert rather than try to figure out how you’re going to get rid of them.

Do you give services on weekends?

Yes, we are available every time for removing wasps. So, if you have wasps dealing with wasps in your home or business, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are available on weekends.

Is your service safe for my family?

We remove all wasp species from the environment, but we don’t do it with harsh chemicals or pesticides. We do it with a pest control service that is safe for you, your family and the environment.

How to remove wasps from the garden or yard?

There are many ways to prevent wasps from coming into your yard and garden. One way is by getting rid of any food sources that may attract them. Another way is by planting herbs and plants that don’t attract them, such as lavender and mint. You can also get expert help.

Are your services available on weekends?

Yes, we work 24*7 and so we are ready for you even on weekends.

What is the lifespan of wasps?

Wasps have 2 types in which queen wasps have a lifespan of 12 months and worker wasps have a lifespan of 12-22 days.

Do removal of wasps require training?

Yes, wasp removal can not be possible without training and so it is better to hire professionals than to DIY.

What is the main distinguishing feature between wasps and bees?

They are totally opposite as bees are herbivorous and wasps are carnivorous. Moreover, they are different in size, shape, colour and behaviour.

What is the cost of your wasp removal services?

For knowing this, you have to take a free estimate from our executives over the phone. The base price is $99 for removing a nest from an easy location. Many factors are considered for calculating prices.