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    Wasp Inspection And Nest Removal Service In Perth

    Target Wasp Removal is famous among Perth locals as the best company for wasp removal services. We believe that it is our knowledge about wasp treatment and additional things we are knowledgeable about that made us well-known. Our wasp removal Perth team didn’t get its glory with just a day of experience but gained it with decades of experience.

    Today, our wasp specialist has everything a client comes looking for them, like, skills, equipment and knowledge in customising programs. From the newest technology to providing top-quality services, we offer everything to our Perth clients at an affordable wasp removal price. Moreover, we are respectful, punctual, friendly and courteous towards our clients when offering next-day service. If you have any queries to be clarified, call for enquiries on

    0488 851 508

    Types Of Wasp Species We Remove In Perth

    We are a licensed pest management company that assured gives worry-free days by providing wasp removal Perth services. We are best at offering a wide range of wasp pest control services annually, half-yearly, quarterly and more. Some of our wasp control services are as follows:

    European Wasp

    Despite their name, European wasps are found throughout Perth flying with their 2 pairs of wings if you do not get them removed. So, take our assistance in humane wasp removal of European wasps along with their nests to not let them loiter around your place anymore. In fact, we have good news our wasp removal company offers kid-friendly and pet-friendly European wasp removal services.

    Yellow Jackets

    Did you find wasps eating other pests and insects as well as the food you consume? Beware of them contacting us for Yellow Jackets wasp treatment. With our excellent wasp specialist at your service, you can expect to be under no more wasp threats and aggressive stings. As our wasp exterminator is trained, they know how to handle Yellow Jackets as well as their nests.

    Common Wasp

    To control Common wasps on a large scale, the best way is to remove the wasp population along with destroying all their nests. Usually, Common wasps don’t fly much and hence this makes our wasp removal Perth team’s work easier to provide Common wasp removal service. We have expertise in providing the most effective Common wasp pest control, and that too at budget-friendly prices.

    Native Paper Wasp

    Although the nest of Native Paper wasps is paper-like, you cannot underestimate their survival instinct and hire our local wasp removalists. Because despite their nests looking like give-away as they are hanged or located out in the open, they cannot be removed easily. Thus, call us for pre-purchase inspection and control for Native Paper wasp removal service if your newly-bought house has them.

    Mud Nesting Wasp

    There are many cases where simply scraping off the nests will not ensure the complete removal of Mud Nesting wasps. Hence, grab our expert’s aid in taking down Mud Nesting wasps along with their nests with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, once we complete the removal of Mud Nesting wasps, we make sure to seal away their entry points as well.

    White-Faced Brown Paper Wasp

    Are you in the search of a White-Faced Brown Paper wasp removal service to avail of an emergency service? Get in touch with us right away. With the right technology to implement and correct use of certain equipment and skills, we are your best choice for this service. Also, we implement wasp treatment that doesn’t kill these wasps but momentarily makes them unconscious for prompt removal.

    Australian Native Wasps

    Australian Native Wasps

    Bees and Wasps are two of the most common insects found in nature, but they can also be dangerous. These insects have stingers that can cause pain and even serious allergic reactions in some cases. Allergic reactions to bees or wasps can be mild or severe, depending on what type of insect you were stung by. An allergic reaction is when your body overreacts to a substance after coming into contact with it, which may lead to rash, swelling, redness and difficulty breathing.
    It is important to understand the differences between bees and wasps so you know how to react if you come across one of these insects. Understanding their behaviour, and habitat, and how to identify them can help you stay safe when outdoors or in your own home. To know about more bees and wasps, contact our Professional Wasp Controllers. The crew will assist you and help to get rid of the problem with effective solutions for Wasp Removal in Perth.

    Image of wasp removal treatment Perth

    Symptoms of A Wasp Sting

    • Intense pain or burning at the site of the sting
    • Redness, swelling, and itching around the sting
    • Raised welt or bump at the site of the sting
    • Formation of a white or yellowish blister
    • Numbness or tingling at the site of the sting
    • Swelling in other areas of the body, especially the face, lips, or throat
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Headache or Anxiety
    Image of wasp removal treatment Perth

    What Treatment Do We Follow In Order To Remove Wasps?

    Our wasp removal Perth team has different treatments in order to do complete care wasp removal that doesn’t affect your property in any way. However, every wasp treatment is different from one other as there are thousands of species differences in wasps. Once such treatment we follow is,

    • Inspection Of The Area Of Nests Many property owners of Perth find themselves in critical situations of being around wasp nest infestations. Hence, we inspect the area of the nests and lower the pressure from your stress.
    • Removal Of Wasps Around Next to a quick but thorough inspection of the area to find wasps and their nests, we remove wasps. In fact, we have various ways in which wasps can be removed with ease.
    • Removal Of Nests If wasps are removed, their nests cannot be left alone in order to prevent future wasp entry. So, we do wasp nest removal as well when you count on us for wasp removal service assistance.
    • Destroy The Nest, If Required There are some wasp species that cannot be left unattended and hence upon requirement, we destroy the wasp nests too.
    • Final InspectionOnce we complete the program of wasps removal along with their nests, we do a final inspection. With the final area inspection, we get to remove other potential threats as well.

    Why Choose us for Wasp Control Services?

    To manage and get rid of the wasp on your property, our company will use a tried-and-true method. Additionally, every stage will perform while taking all necessary safety measures. Our wasp removal techniques are therefore secure for you and your loved ones. In light of this, the procedure is as follows:

    • Experience and Expertise: Our team has years of experience in dealing with wasp infestations, and we use proven methods to get rid of wasps safely and effectively.
    • Professional Equipment: We use professional-grade equipment and tools to tackle wasp nests.
    • Fast Response Time: We understand that wasp infestations can be a serious problem, which is why we offer a fast response time to all of our customers.
    • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for all of our wasp control services, so you can get the help you need.
    • Safe and Eco-Friendly Solutions: We use safe and eco-friendly methods to control wasps.
    • 24/7 Emergency Services: We offer 24/7 emergency services for those situations when you need help right away.
    • Licensed and Insured: We are a licensed and insured company, so you can trust that you’re working with professionals who take their work seriously.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and will work for you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Target Wasp Control with Genuine Warranties

    Wasps can be a nuisance in Perth, especially during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to get rid of wasps from your home and garden. And our professionals know all types of Wasp Removal Perth methods and give a genuine warranty.

    Bee Hive Treatment Perth

    Bee hives can cause significant damage to structures and property, as well as pose a danger to people. Knowing the signs of beehives is the first step in getting rid of them for good. So, get rid of the issues with our best Bee Hive Treatment in Perth.

    Bees and Wasps Solutions

    Wasps and bees are one of the most common pests in homes and businesses, and if you’re noticing signs of a wasp infestation or bee, it’s important to take action quickly with Wasp Removal Perth facilities. For professional help, hiring Target Wasp Removal Company is the best choice. We have the best treatments and solutions for Bees and Wasp Removal in Perth.

    Tips To Identify a Wasp Nest or Beehive

    With the following tips and tricks, you can quickly and safely get rid of wasps in Perth so you can enjoy your outdoor space without fear of being stung. So, read and know how to identify the wasp nests in or around the property. After identifying the wasp nests or beehives, call us for Wasp Removal in Perth.

    Identity Wasp Nests

    There are three main types of identity wasp nests: large, small, and ground. Large identity wasps nests are made up of a central “barrel” (a long tube) with many smaller tubes extending from it. These nests can be up to 40 feet long, 6 feet in diameter, and weigh around 100 pounds. Small identity wasp nests also have a central “barrel” that has many smaller tubes extending from it but they are only 3-6 inches in diameter. Ground identity wasp nests can appear anywhere there is a huge group of wasps, buzzing around the place.

    Identify Beehive

    The beehive is one of the most recognizable symbols of nature. It is a structure made up of hexagonal cells that bees use to store honey, pollen, and larvae. It is an amazing example of order and organization in nature and has been studied by scientists for centuries. Well, many bees construct hives in the ground, on hooks, and inside of walls. And, a visible, open structure that can be seen along tree branches, porch ceilings, gutters, or attics is a beehive. A colony of bees consists of 10,000-40,000 insects.

    Do You Want To Know How Wasps Build Their Nests? Look Here

    The process of building nests begins with the site selection by the queen wasp, that too a suitable course at that. Once the queen gets done with the site selection, she searches for sources that majorly help in building its nest. The likely sources a queen wasp chooses are mainly wood fibres such as logs, trees and fences. Then, the queen wasps start to scrape the wood fibre into usable bits using her strong jaws. Later, she uses her saliva to break down the bits of wood fibres and makes them into paper pulp. The queen wasp then completes the nest building by flying the mouthful of this paper pulp at the selected site.

    Same-Day Wasp Removal For Perth Locals

    • Exclusive For Perth Residents: Our services such as pre-purchase inspection and large-area pest infestation treatment are exclusively for Perth residents. Also, we take appointments for both these services round the clock!
    • Regional Removalists: We are likely the regional wasp removalists of Perth that keep in mind to offer timely service delivery. Moreover, we are knowledgeable wasp exterminators with a special talent for removing all wasp types.
    • Instant Services: Irrespective of the place a client books us from Perth, we provide them with instant services. This offer is available for wasp nest removal of more than one.
    • Same-Day & Emergency Services: Despite the service like same-day and emergency services you avail from us, we assure you with area inspection. Also, the pest solutions we take up to offer these services are environmentally friendly.


    There are very simple solutions that you can use at home like wasp traps, spray wasp nests, or use a homemade solution of soap and water to kill live wasps to get rid of wasps. For professional wasp pest control, call professionals from Target Wasp Removal.

    The cost of destroying a wasp’s nest varies depending on the size of the nest, the type of treatment used, and other factors. Professional wasp exterminators typically charge an hourly rate for their services, so the cost can range from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand. It is important to remember that no matter how much it costs to destroy a wasp’s nest, it is always cheaper than dealing with the potential damage it can cause if left unchecked!

    Our Local Wasp Controllers use different methods of wasp control in Perth, including chemical treatments, traps, and natural remedies. We’ll also look at how to prevent wasps from coming back once they’re gone.

    Our Local Wasp Controllers use different methods of wasp control in Perth, including chemical treatments, traps, and natural remedies. We’ll also look at how to prevent wasps from coming back once they’re gone.


    “I am Joe Clarke, I found some wasps flying in my home and I doubted there are more too. So I selected your wasp control service. I did not face many issues. I really appreciate your wonderful service. The service that you are providing is so good.

    Kylie Adams

    “I am Lucas and I had a problem that paper wasps building nests on my premises. Now after I approached you all for pest control, the issues were sorted out. You did the work well and I am now in a place where there are no wasps. I am happy that you all came to my rescue.

    Acacia Sander

    “I was disappointed when I saw wasps in the kitchen area. I thought I will have to check the whole house. But your pest control solutions were so effective that the problem of wasps was sorted out easily. This is really good and I am happy that you could help.

    Kevin Anderson


    Real experts in wasp removal

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    1 May 2023

    I called this firm because I had a wasp situation in my home, and they were able to get a technician out quickly. Everything was handled by them.


    Wonderful wasp removal job

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    4 April 2023

    This business was able to assist me with getting rid of wasps from my establishment! They performed a wonderful job!


    Removed wasps in my kitchen

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    11 March 2023

    The elimination of wasps from my kitchen was made very easy by this team! They are good at their work! You can get the service from this team faster than all other wasp removal companies in your area.


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