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    Target Wasp Removal is a locally owned and managed company that has been servicing the Hobart area covering various commercial and residential wasp removal needs for more than 20-25 years. The company has been providing one-stop solutions for various wasp removal Hobart needs. Our wasp exterminators can get the job done quickly and efficiently without causing damage to your property or personal belongings. We understand how important the safety of your children and pets is and take every precaution to make sure they’re safe.

    When it comes to removing wasp nests, don’t call a general pest control company, call the wasp nest removal experts you can trust. We’re always ready to help answer any questions you may have, call us!

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    Wasp Species in Australia

    • Paper Wasps
    • European Wasps
    • Mud Daubers
    • Parasitic Wasps
    • Potter Wasps
    • Fig Wasps
    • Black Wasp
    • Gall Wasps
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Scoliid Wasps
    • Spider Wasps
    • Hover Wasps
    • Braconid Wasps
    • Cuckoo Wasps
    • Sand Wasps
    • Social Wasps
    • Blue Flower Wasp
    • Parasitic Wasps
    • Flower Wasps
    • Australian Native Wasps
    • Native Ropalidia Wasps

    How To Identify Bees Or Wasp Nests?

    There are many different types of wasps and bees present in Hobart. Some of them may pose a threat to your family and so after seeing their nests, it is very crucial to identify them so that you can expect their behaviour and work accordingly. If you cannot identify them, then our professionals suggest some important tips for identifying them. So, these are as follows:

    Identity Wasp Nests

    Nests are the place where wasps feel safe and secure and if you do anything with these nests then they become highly aggressive and so here are given some of the identification tips which confirm that the wasps are present:

    • Their nests are composed of hexagonal-shaped cells which use the minimum amount of material.
    • Yellow jacket wasp nests occur in the ground.
    • Paper wasp nests can be seen hanging from tree branches, and eaves of buildings.
    • Some wasp species do not create nests but they cause galls to form on the leaves and twigs of trees and bushes.

    Identify Beehive

    If you are a homeowner, then it is very important to identify that a beehive is present inside your house so that you can take precautions and protect your family from this blunder. Here are some of the tips:

    • Ariel nests are formed by Bald-faced hornets.
    • Some honey bees form nests in hollows in trees, rodent burrows and voids between walls.
    • Bumble bees and bear bees form nests in underground areas.

    Thus, you can book an appointment with our trained Wasp Removal Hobart team thereby protecting the bad impact of any beehive or wasp nest.

    How Are Bees And Wasps Threatening?

    Bees and wasps are summer insects and are very beneficial for nature as they play an important role in pollination and act as predators of many insects. But instead of these benefits, they are very dangerous because they sting anyone to show their defensive behaviour as they are very aggressive and get easily provoked. When they sting, they show many allergic reactions which are as follows:

    • Swelling on the face and mouth.
    • Feeling faint or dizzy.
    • Trouble breathing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
    • Throat tightness or swallowing difficulty.
    • Your body colour turns blue.

    In some severe cases, it may even cause death. So their treatment is very necessary.

    Bees And Wasps Threatening

    Our Comprehensive Process For Wasp-Free Property In Hobart

    Nest Area Inspection

    Nest Area Inspection

    Our skilled wasp exterminator inspects the property to locate the nest first then they try to identify the type of wasps. The better we understand the problem, the easier it is to stop it and prevent it from happening again.

    Wasp Removal

    Wasp Removal

    After inspecting the area where wasps make their infestation our wasp exterminator eliminates wasps so that the next step is to be followed. For performing this task, we have skilled, licensed, and experienced wasp catchers.

    Nest Removal

    Nest Removal-

    Once we identify the type of wasps, the next step is to get their nest out of your yard as seamlessly as possible. Our wasp specialists make sure to avoid aggravating the wasps while taking their nests away. For us, your and your family’s safety is of utmost priority.



    With the nest gone, we move on to the follow-up treatment to check any residue left by the wasps. This helps prevent them from coming back and starting the infestation all over again.

    Image of wasp removal Hobart

    Our Wasp Removal Hobart Treatment Is The Best!

    • Pre-Purchase Wasp Removal Inspection One of the most vital services we provide is a pre-purchase wasp removal inspection. We specialize in detecting evidence of an invasion, which will assist you in making a fully informed decision when it comes to making a formal offer to purchase a property in Hobart.
    • Residential Wasp Removal We will ensure you that our excellent services will include a full variety of treatments designed to eliminate wasps from your premises. Moreover, we used eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions for wasps treatments. Thus, appoint us and get safe wasp treatment solutions.
    • Commercial Wasp Removal No job is too complex or too small for our service technicians. Our team provides top-class wasp nest removal services for your commercial places.
    • Dead Wasp Removal Though a dead wasp certainly would not attack you, it can still harm you. As they carry a lot of germs and you could end up getting infected. When you need dead wasp removal service in Hobart then call our Wasp Removal Hobart team as we remove them from your property with safe equipment and sanitize the area at last!

    Wasp Removal Hobart Offers A Single-Call Fast Wasp Removal Service In Hobart

    Approach a professional if you encounter a wasp or wasp nest in and around your property. Our wasp Removal Hobart team is ready to assist you all day long with the help of hardworking wasp specialists. Our wasp exterminators provide you services as per your need. On the same day that you hire us, we will deliver the best wasp removal services. By providing a zero-wait service, we ensure that our customers’ lives are not disrupted. So without delay contact our team for same-day wasp removal!

    Our wasp exterminators have years of experience dealing with various kinds of wasps

    • Underground hornet nest removal
    • Paper Wasp Removal
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Mud Wasps
    • European Wasps

    Call us any time, our wasp exterminators are trustworthy on time, and ready to help with Emergency Wasp Removal Services.

    image of fast wasp removal service in Hobart

    Our Team Is Available In Your Nearest Area To Provide The Best Wasp Removal Service In Hobart

    We also provide our top-class services in Hobart Battery Point, West Hobart, Sandy Bay, North Hobart, Glenorchy, Lenah Valley, South Hobart, Howrah, New Town, Mount Stuart and a number of other Hobart neighbourhood. As a result, Target Wasp Removal makes every effort to reach as many people as possible in order to give the finest wasp removal services available in Hobart. In addition, our wasp specialists can create a plan to eliminate wasps that is unique to you. Thus, let’s connect right now at [0488 851 508].

    Why Should You Hire Our Wasp Removal Hobart Service?

    • Safe Methodology The health and safety of your family and pets are our highest priority. Our wasp specialists use only tested solutions that are effective and safe for the environment, your family, and your pets because we know just how much they mean to you. We promise to treat your home like we would treat our own homes and we work with you to find the right solution that suits your individual circumstances.
    • Customized Services Our team for Wasp Removal Hobart will use the personalized methodology to eradicate the existing infestation in your home! Our wasp removal treatment plan will target the infestation area to guarantee 100% effectiveness. Call us for customized services that suit your pocket and time!
    • 24*7 Availability Wasps can create an emergency situation for anyone at any time. To counter this, we have a team ready to answer your calls 7 days a week. If you’re interested in one of our services, contact us today and our wasp exterminators will be more than happy to help!
    • Affordable Pricing Our service cost is reasonable and within your budget. We deliver great results, and our wasp removal company offers affordable wasp removal services. Hence, book us for pocket-friendly services in Hobart.
    • Local Experts: Last but not least, we are local wasp nest removal experts, hence you can find us helpful in case of an emergency. Besides, you can appoint us for same-day Wasp Hive Removal services.

    A Promise For Strategic Wasp Control 24*7 In Hobart

    If you own a house then you will be very caring about it and want to protect it from every kind of pest and insect. Our team comes forward in Wasp Removal Hobart matter to help you who will get rid of problems faster and forever. We really care for our customers and always try to give you some extra and more than what they pay us for. Our strategies are completely different from other companies in Hobart and thus we provide such results which are up to the mark for the customers and thereby satisfying their wants and needs. We promise to deliver outstanding services to our clients and as we are open 24*7, you will remain free from all tensions and become 100% happy and satisfied. Thus, hire our guaranteed Wasp Removal Service today.

    Bee Hive Treatment Hobart

    You very well know about the side effects of bee stings and how dangerous the bees are and so if you ever see even a small size beehive on your property then without much thinking, kindly contact experts. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology for the safe relocation of bees without affecting both the customers and bees as they play a major part in pollination. After providing responsibilities to our experts, you should be relaxed as they are very responsible, hard-working and dedicated to their work.

    Bees and Wasps Solutions

    Stinging is referred to as defensive behaviour but under this bees and wasps cause too much harm to people due to allergic reactions. Both are beneficial insects and so our team uses a simple and safe procedure for dealing with these insects which are as follows:

    • Inspection: Our experts inspect the whole area and find bees and wasps present on your property which is very important for further action.
    • Determination: After the identification of species of bees and wasps, they choose the correct process for their treatment or relocation.
    • Control: In this step, the products are applied to the inspected area for getting the perfect results.
    • Communication: At the end, our technicians present the report and communicate preventive measures with you for your future needs.

    Therefore, contact our team in Hobart anytime. We can save you from all wasps species nesting around your property.


    Various sprays help you in getting relief from wasps or you can also use a mixture of equal proportions of apple cider vinegar or a mixture of soap and water to get rid of wasps.

    Various different categories of wasps are found in Hobart and form different types of nests and so their cost of destruction may also vary accordingly. You can expect it to be between $150 to $500.

    Our Wasp Removal Hobart team of professionals helps you in getting relief from wasps with the help of nest drenching and also with the use of pesticides. We can also relocate nests.

    If you have wasps on your property then they cannot hide from you. So their warning signs are the presence of their nest or flying wasps around.


    “I am Joe Clarke, I found some wasps flying in my home and I doubted there are more too. So I selected your wasp control service. I did not face many issues. I really appreciate your wonderful service. The service that you are providing is so good.

    Kylie Adams

    “I am Lucas and I had a problem that paper wasps building nests on my premises. Now after I approached you all for pest control, the issues were sorted out. You did the work well and I am now in a place where there are no wasps. I am happy that you all came to my rescue.

    Acacia Sander

    “I was disappointed when I saw wasps in the kitchen area. I thought I will have to check the whole house. But your pest control solutions were so effective that the problem of wasps was sorted out easily. This is really good and I am happy that you could help.

    Kevin Anderson


    Real experts in wasp removal

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    1 May 2023

    I called this firm because I had a wasp situation in my home, and they were able to get a technician out quickly. Everything was handled by them.


    Wonderful wasp removal job

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    4 April 2023

    This business was able to assist me with getting rid of wasps from my establishment! They performed a wonderful job!


    Removed wasps in my kitchen

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    11 March 2023

    The elimination of wasps from my kitchen was made very easy by this team! They are good at their work! You can get the service from this team faster than all other wasp removal companies in your area.


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