What Attracts Wasps To Your Home?

Wasps are little flying insects that can create a lot of problems for you and your family. They are yellow and black in colour. They build nests and grow in numbers. Wasps usually try to search for places to build their nests during the spring season. Wasps enter your house in many different ways such as through cracks and holes in the walls. They can enter your house from vents in the bathroom, kitchen and basements. They can grow in large numbers and infest various parts of your house. You can get rid of the wasps using many ways such as by using wasp repellents, and wasp nest removal. There are various things that can attract wasps to your home, to know in detail about what attracts wasps to your home, read the blog till the end. 

Where Are The Wasps Coming From?

To deal with wasps permanently, it is very important to know “What Attracts Wasps to Your Home”. Wasps come into your house from various areas such as gardens, forests and farms. They usually build their nests in various places such as hollow trees, crevices of rocks and many such areas. They enter your house through many small gaps, cracks and such areas. In case the wasp nest is in the wall cavity, the insects usually enter through the holes in the floor and the gaps through which the pipes pass through the floors.  

Know Here What Attracts Wasps To Your Home-

There are various things that can attract the wasps in your house. Read on to know in detail about the things that attract wasps to your home. 

  • Bright Colour Flowers- One of the major sources of food for wasps is the nectar produced from the flowers. When the wasps feed on flowers of the same colour, they will get associated with the same for their food which attracts them to your house. Wasps also get sugar from overripe fruits and honeydew. This is one of the things that attract wasps to your home. 
  • Food Sources- Wasps usually feed on protein. Protein can be found in many food sources such as pet foods, or it can also be found in the food in the garbage. Usually, the adult wasps go out in search of meat as the developing larvae wait in the nests for the meat. They kill small insects and flies. If these things are near your home, they can attract wasps. 
  • Sweet Scents- This is another thing that attracts the wasps to your home. Usually, wasps feed on insects but during the summer season, they shift their diet to sweets and sugars. Many things such as fruits and candies can attract wasps towards your house. Wherever you go on a picnic with your family make sure to keep the sweet things away from you to avoid the wasps from stinging you. 
  • Shelter Space- If there are any sheltered areas near your home, it can be a perfect space for the wasps for nesting. If there are any small gaps and spaces near your house you might find the wasps building their nests. Some of the things wasps see while choosing a location to build their nests are shade, warmth, coverage and no access for the predators. If the wasps find any of these perfect conditions, they will start nesting and start their infestation in large numbers. 
  • Open Water- Water and other liquids provide a source of food and energy which is why wasps get attracted to them. In case you have standing waters, pools, leaks and running faucets, it can be an invitation for the wasps to your house. Wasps are usually found on water bodies either they collect it for consumption or they take it back and distribute it in their colony. This is one of the most common things that attract wasps to your home. 
  • Untreated Wood- One of the most common things that attract wasps to your home is untreated wood. Untreated wood is a great source of pulp that is helpful for the wasps to build nests for them. There are many things in our house which are made up of wood such as swing sets, storage sheds and more. To ensure their safety from wasps, you need to make sure they are not exposed. Experts usually suggest painting that will help in keeping the wasps away from wooden objects.

How To Get Rid Of The Wasps In Your House?

We hope you know “What Attracts Wasps to Your Home”. There are various things you can do to get rid of the wasps from your house. You can use homemade remedies through which you can get rid of the wasps. Some of the best ways to get rid of the wasps are given below. 

  • Hang Wasp Traps- This is the most commonly used method to get rid of the wasps from your house. All you need to do is hang a wasp trap in your courtyard and wait until the wasps get trapped in it. The main feature of the wasp traps is the liquid present in them. When the wasps crawl into the liquid they get stuck in it. You must replace the traps regularly to make sure you can catch all the wasps entering your courtyard. 
  • Spray Wasp Nests- Spraying on the wasp nests is another great method of getting rid of the wasps from your house. For this, you need to make sure you wear all the protective gear as the wasps can get aggressive during this and might also attack you. You need to repeat this process after every few days to get rid of all the wasps. 
  • Use Soap And Water- Soap and water are also the best mixture for removing the wasps from your house. This is used as an alternative to insecticides. For this, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap with water and add it to a spray bottle and spray the solution on the nests. 

Get Professional Help- The best and most effective way of getting rid of the wasps from your house is by hiring professional pest control experts. They can help you by removing the waps and also other pests from your house too. One of the top wasp removal company in Melbourne is Target Wasp Removal. We are very well-trained and the most capable pest control experts in the Melbourne region. You know wasps, they are famous for their stings which can impact you and your family in various ways. You can use these tips and knowledge to keep your home wasp-free. If required, do not hesitate to consult with experts.